About Us


Honghui’s PVB resin production was firstly established in 1993 in Wenzhou city which was the earliest PVB resin manufacturer in China, then moved to JiangXi Wuning in 2004, which occupies 20000 sqm. HongHui has a total investment of 60 million RMB, to reach an annual output of 5000 tons PVB resin.

Honghui’s PVB Interlayer went into production in 2014. The PVB Interlayer plant covers another area of 20000 sqm. HongHui has three advanced PVB Interlayer production lines with a total annual output of 10 000 tons. We have 80 excellent employees and introduced advanced machines &technology to establish a complete quality control system. We use self-made high quality PVB Resin to make PVB interlayer. Whether in production scale, technical level &degree of automation, or on product quality, Honghui stands at the leading position of Chinese PVB Industry.

To server customers in specific regions and market segments better, Honghui set up a production line in Thailand in 2018, then in 2019 another one in Vietnam, and an OEM Automotive PVB line in Shandong province. Meanwhile, the newly extended resin capacity will start producing in middle of 2019.

In the past 4 years Honghui PVB Interlayer covers from South China to North market also, and got good market and reputation in Turkey, Israel, Middle East, India, Vietnam and Thailand.