Preduct Details

Storage transportation

Package: PVB Interlayer is packed in vacuum aluminum bag, and then in horizontal wooden case(>1200mm)or vertical carton(≦1200mm).

Item PE Interleaving PVB Refrigerated PVB Purpose
PE Interleaving PE film -- Anti-adhension
Tube Core PVC Core PVC Core Rolling
Inner Packing Vacuum Aluminum foil membrane Vacuum Aluminum foil membrane Anti-moisture
Outside packing Vertical Carton or horizontal wooden case Vertical Carton or horizontal wooden case Protection

Storage: The interleaving PVB well packed in vacuum aluminum membrane needs to be stored in dry and clean warehouse with normal temperature (better less than 30℃). But the unpacked PVB should be kept in below 18-20℃,25-30% relative humidity room.

Transportation: Avoiding insolation, rain and shock.

Shelf life: 2 years shelf life for well packed PVB in dry and suitable warehouse; it can keep 6 month for unpacked film in 18-20℃,25-30% relative humidity room.